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  (An explanation of how corrupt Banks, Wall Street and the sell out CONGRE$$  are stealing your pension and savings and what you can do about it.)

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At the end of World War 2 the United States Army rounded up all of the Nazi intelligence officers it could locate. The most notable individual included in this group was Heinrich Muller who was know to be in the custody of the US Army in December of 1945. Muller was head of the Nazi Gestapo, the Nazi's homeland security service. Muller participated in the planning for the extermination of Europe's Jews and others the Nazis considered to be undesirable and ordered the murder of may Germans who opposed the Nazis and may others. Muller disappeared after World War 2 was never found and was never held accountable for his crimes. There is evidence that Muller was located in Washington DC, at Fort Meade between 1948 and 1952. Fort Meade is the location of the National Security Agency's headquarters. Muller was also observed to be in the company of Allen Dulles who was head of US National Intelligence after the war and was instrumental in the development of America's intelligence community, including the NSA, after World War II. Muller was said to be Dulles' right had man, Muller was also Heinrich Himmler's right hand man.

Robert Mueller replaced Louis Freeh as Director of the FBI on September 4, 2001, Freeh was fired 8 years into his 10 year term at the FBI by the US Senate. Freeh was a former FBI agent who became a federal prosecutor then a Federal Judge. As a federal prosecutor Freeh oversaw the “Pizza Connection” investigation of heroin trafficking by the Sicilian Mafia in the United States. It was highly successful and put the Sicilian heroin connection (The Federation) out of business. Prior to that the French heroin connection (The Federation) to the United States was put out business by law enforcement. In 2001 the Afghanistan Taliban put the Afghan opium/heroin connection (the Federation) out of business. In 2002 the NSA put the Federation opium/heroin connection (The Federation) back in business. The street value of the Opium/Heroin produced in Afghanistan went from $8 billion dollars a year in 2001 to $260 billion dollars a year today. The 911 attack was planned in Germany and the training took place in the United States, there were no Afghans or Taliban involved. The Phoenix and Minneapolis offices of the FBI detected the 911 mission before it happened and reported it to FBI headquarters. Their reports were not ignored they were willfully suppressed by FBI headquarters. The 911 attacks were willfully allowed to happen. It was no mistake, no accident. Robert Mueller was an operative of the NSA sent to the FBI for the purpose of controlling the investigation of the matter and delivering control of the FBI to the NSA. Mueller's previous claim to fame was suppressing the BCCI investigation, the largest known drug money laundering operation in the world. The NSA was desperate to get Federation heroin flowing again. The Federation is an American/Israel/Lebanese operation managed by the NSA for the benefit of Wall Street, the US Senate and it's other members. The Federation's biggest problem is money laundering, the cost of production for the illegal drug trade is estimated to be $17 billion dollars, the revenue generated by the illegal drug trade is estimated to be between $300 billion and $1 trillion dollars per year, it is the most profitable business in the world today. You are expected to believe that a bunch of Mexican hillbillies run the whole thing. Is common knowledge among US drug enforcement agents that the US intelligence services like the CIA are actively involved in the illegal drug trade.

NSA employees have expressed their concerns about the culture at the NSA. 

A current NSA officer who refuses to be identified, confirms the allegations and says that baseless psychiatric allegations as a form of retaliation are “commonplace” at the agency.  He says, “A lot of people who work there are going through the same thing. People live in fear here. They run it like some kind of Gestapo.” Those identified as “problems” are “yelled at, badgered and abused.…These are really good people, who start to be labeled crazy, but they’re telling the truth.” The official adds that the NSA often plants false evidence in personnel files as part of the intimidation campaign.  The current officer says that an “underground network” has developed to discuss these issues. “It’s like the Nazis have taken over,” he says.

The NSA uses its technical resources to suppress the spread of information that it deems to be inappropriate. This includes factual but unflattering information about the activities of individuals in the US Senate and elsewhere that support its activities. The NSA suppresses information that is criminal in nature and may profoundly effect the balance of power in Washington DC. The NSA engages in intimidation and elimination of anyone who threatens the status quo in Washington DC. Just as their Nazi predecessors did the NSA uses collaborators, sometimes paid sometimes coerced, to achieve their goals. Germany's children and grandchildren eventually began to look at their parents and grandparents and wonder, and sometimes ask, why did you collaborate or do nothing to stop the tyranny that eventually brought Germany to ruin. The NSA is imposing tyranny on the United States to protect a discredited, morally bankrupt and corrupt government body, the US Senate. The Senate supports and protects the NSA, it is a symbiotic relationship born of a corrupt political system and is slowly imposing that system on the United States. The NSA is responsible for the majority of the world's terrorism. Do you think is is a coincidence that a terrorist incident seems to occur whenever the NSA needs one? It is the NAZI way not the American way.





I discovered that at least five United States Senators were accepting campaign contributions from the Sinaloa Federation, the worlds largest Drug Trafficking Organization, and acting on their behalf under the color of their official positions. The funds were laundered through Financial Institutions including JP Morgan Chase, CitiBank, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, before being placed in political organizations supporting these Senators and their political friends. The Senators, Schumer, Hatch, Feinstein, Spector, and Reid used their positions on key Senate Oversight Committees to facilitate the operation of the Federation and the money laundering operations associated with them. The NSA, FBI and the CIA, all dominated by Mormons in their upper management, facilitate the operations of the Federation domestically and overseas. The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration reports to the Director of the FBI.

Derivatives are essentially an international currency outside of government oversight used to manage the profits from the Illegal Narcotics Business. Derivatives are an $83 trillion dollar bubble that will eventually burst. The bubble was created by the greed of the Federation who recognized that they could continue to create this imaginary money with nothing to back it up. Today's politicians are simply putting off the day of re-conning hoping that someone else will take the blame for it. The bubble has grown dramatically in recent years.

The illegal narcotics trade in the United States is driven by greed and EUGENICS or race/class hatred. Heroin, Crack and Meth are the Zyclon B of the Federation. They are used to undermine black society and kill as many black skinned people, or other undesirables, as possible. This is the basis of Eugenics today, Eugenics is the foundation of NAZI thought. It was the official position of the Mormons that black skinned people were the representatives of Satan on earth and subhuman until the late 1970s. Polygamy is Eugenics in action. I observed this first hand and was advised by numerous reliable sources that this was true. The Illegal Narcotics Business could be stopped by legalizing opium, cocaine and marijuana, it would result in the loss of the fantastic profits the Federation and the other cartels rake in. The Federation controls about one half of the Illegal Narcotics Business globally and has made trillions of dollars from the Illegal Narcotics Business, it is the most profitable business in the world. Terrorism and the international Illegal Narcotics Business are one in the same. The Federation is protected by their political assets in Washington DC. The 911 attacks were detected in advance, as early as 1995 the FBI, NSA and CIA knew of the plan. The Phoenix and Minneapolis offices of the FBI tried to warn Washington DC of the 911 attacks before they happened and were purposely ignored and suppressed.

At the end of World War 2 the United States Army rounded up all of the German NAZI intelligence officers it could locate. The most notable individual included in this group was Heinrich Muller who was know to be in the custody of the US Army in December of 1945. Muller was head of the NAZI Gestapo, the NAZI's homeland security service. The Gestapo was part of the SS. Muller participated in the planning for the extermination of Europe's Jews and others the NAZIs considered to be undesirable and ordered the murder of many Germans who opposed the NAZIs and many others. Muller disappeared after World War 2 and was never found. There is evidence that Muller was located in Washington DC, at Fort Meade between 1948 and 1952. Fort Meade is the location of the National Security Agency's headquarters. Muller was also observed to be in the company of Allen Dulles who was head of US National Intelligence after the war and was instrumental in the development of America's intelligence community, including the NSA, after World War 2. The NSA has effective control of the FBI and CIA today and manages the International Narcotics Business. The NSA is the American SS. Over 100 American NA$Is were interned in Germany after WW2.  Thousands of German Nazis escaped to South America after WW2.  Many of them went into the Illegal Narcotics Business.  Today many second and third generation Nazis are in the international Illegal Narcotics Business.




In the early1920's the eugenics movement began for flourish in the United States. Started in California, eugenics is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of people with desired traits. It was part of the foundation of Adolf Hitler's NAZI movement. Hitler admired many American eugenics believers and in turn many of them admired him and the German NAZIs. Wealthy American families such as the Kennedy, Harriman, Rockefeller, Ford and Bush families invested in NAZI Germany up to and in some cases during WW2. The Bush family was the most notorious family of the NAZI Germany admirers and enablers. Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush and grand father of George W Bush and Jeb Bush was an American investment banker in the 1930s and 1940s as was his father in law Herbert Walker. Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker were early financial supporters of Hitler's NAZI Germany and continued to do so during WW2 until their assets were seized by the federal government under the 'Trading with the Enemy Act' during WW2. At least one American NAZI war criminal hunter stated that Prescott Bush should have been arrested for treason. In short the American NA$Is are Americans who support the movement of racial/social cleansing to this day and will do anything for money.

The most admired traits of the American NA$Is it the willingness to accumulate wealth at any cost including participating in the international Illegal Narcotics Business, pointless wars, looting the savings of others, looting the pension funds of others, looting the health care funds of others, and looting any government body they can buy, state, local or federal. They are destroying America one dollar at a time. Wall Street is where the largest concentration of American NA$Is operate. While some wealthy Americans, like Microsoft's Bill Gates or CNN's Ted Turner become wealthy by inventing a better product or service others become wealthy by legalized stealing and buying a bunch of stuff. The difference is that Gates and Turner also enriched and enhanced the lives of many many other people throughout the world with their resourcefulness, the American NA$Is have diminished the lives and wealth of many many other people throughout the world through their careless disregard for consequences of their actions. We can thank the American NA$Is for the great depression of the 1920's and 1930's and World War 2 with its 70 million dead, the great recession of 2008 which continues today, the 911 tragedy and the pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which have cost the rest of us, and our children and grandchildren trillions of dollars and cost the lives of many many people on both sides of the war.

Gates and Turner and many others like them are American free market entrepreneurs who enhance the lives of others, the NA$I capitalists are parasites thriving at the expense of others. The American NA$Is have purchased effective control of the Congress and are driving America to ruin. In the 2000 election George W Bush lost the popular vote for the office of President of the United States but was handed the election by his brother Jeb Bush governor of Florida at the time. When George W Bush took office America was at peace and was prospering with a balanced budget which was paying down the government's debt. After Bush's massive tax cuts, which primarily benefit the American NA$Is, and two pointless wars which also primarily benefit the American NA$Is, America is wallowing in debt and is loading its children and grandchildren with massive debt and an economic system which only seems to benefit the American NA$Is. The American NA$Is are trading imaginary money (derivatives) for the real money in your pension and other savings funds with the help of the sell out CONGRE$$. At the same time they are looting government funds that would othewise be used to pay for Social Security and Medicare for you your children and grandchildren.

The sell out CONGRE$$failed to pass a budget from 2009 to 2013 and simply allowed the country to spend blindly, mostly for the benefit of the American NA$Is, for over 5 years. The CONGRE$$bailed out the American NA$Is in 2009 to the tune of at least $1 trillion dollars so they could continue to live like kings and queens while rest of us watched our economic prospects diminish. The CONGRE$$we have today is an absolute disgrace and should be replaced. That is the job of the American voters. Vote as though your life and the life of anyone you care about depends on it because it does.




We now refer to the too big to fail banks as being too big to be allowed to fail. There is a bigger problem, the too corrupt to fail banks and their political assets in Washington DC.

The too corrupt to fail banks own politicians from both political parties and significant part of the federal bureaucracy, they facilitate the transfer of the huge amounts of money being pumped into the political parties and elections by the Sinaloa Federation and other corrupt organizations. The regional too corrupt to fail bank Wachovia laundered $384 billion dollars between 2004 and 2007. When their anti money laundering officer reported the problem as he was required to do, he was fired by Wachovia for doing the job he was hired to do. Wachovia eventually failed and was bought by Wells Fargo Bank to avoid a complete collapse. Capital One Bank is headquartered in Washington DC. Its core business is issuing credit cards, its credit card operation is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, it is a Mormon/Federation asset.

Campaign funding is accomplished by harvesting rejected credit card applications, creating accounts and using the information contained in the applications to generate credit card accounts which are used to spoof money into campaign accounts. Nobody takes measures to insure that money is not spoofed into their accounts. The Sinaloa Federation provides the money for the operation and expects favors in return for their funding. Imagine that you have just won an election in which you have outspent your opponent by a two to one margin. You are advised that your campaign accepted significant funding from the worlds largest narcotics cartel and you are expected to do a few small favors for them to keep it quiet. The small favors turn into large favors over time and you eventually become dependent on them for your freedom, livelihood and life, and the freedom livelihood and life of anyone you care about. That is how the Sinaloa Federation operates; it starts with small compromising corruption and eventually demands much more. It is the same with bureaucrats and law enforcement officials.

Take the case of Hardrick Crawford, formerly an executive with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Agent Charge of the El Paso office of the FBI. Small gifts became large gifts and eventually the ‘gifts’ included country club memberships, vacations and a no show job for his wife. Crawford was caught when he held a press conference in Mexico declaring that an individual identified as a major Mexican narcotics trafficker was a nice guy and not a trafficker. Crawford retired with his full pension and did 6 months in prison for lying to the FBI about the gifts he received (after loosing at trial). It should make you wonder just who else the Federation owns. Senator Charles Schumer of New York is the Federation’s representative in the US Congress. Senator Schumer controls the flow of Federation funding into the election process. Senator Schumer arranges for the configuration of a office candidate’s donation web site to allow receipt of Federation funding. This could be easily stopped by the use of the verification process used on most web sites, the fuzzy characters you type into a box. The Federal Election Commission has refused to implement that simple safeguard.




Mormons believe that God is a visitor from another planet and that if they obey the church leadership without question they will become gods themselves some day with their own planet to populate. Until the late 1920s Mormons took a blood oath of vengeance against the United States for the murder of their founder Joseph Smith. Until the late 1970’s Mormons believed that all blacks were the representative of Satan on earth and were subhuman. Joseph Smith, who founded the Mormon faith, used magic sear stones and magic glasses to translate magic golden plates he alleges he found in a woods in New York. That is the basis for the Book of Mormon and the basis of Mormon beliefs. Smith named the Mormon faith the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints. The term Latter Day Saints is a direct reference to the end of days prophesy in the Book of Revelations from the bible, a doomsday prediction that Mormons take literally. Joseph Smith predicted that the Mormons would control the United States by the millennium (2000), the White Horse prophesy. The Mormons have built a bunker complex under a mountain near Salt Lake City, Utah. It was built to withstand a nuclear strike. It houses the names of the dead, the Mormons baptize the dead as Mormons. Their stated goal is to make the world Mormon dead or alive. They believe this will make them gods and the all others who have ever lived will be their servants on their planets where they rule as gods. The Catholic Church officially regards the Mormons as heathens who believe in false gods. In the 1800s the Mormons were called the gravest threat to the safety of the United States. This was included in Presidential State of the Union Addresses of the time. Their leadership was charged with treason and indicted. The Mormon Rebellion is regarded by some historians as the true start of the Civil War, it diverted 20% of the Union Army to Utah in 1858. They chased the Mormons around Utah until the Civil War started.

On September 11, 2001 approximately 3000 people lost their lives in the World Trade Center attacks, it was the largest loss of American Civilians on American soil ever. On September 11, 1857 120 people lost their lives in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. If you adjust the number of people killed to the population of the United States today it is the equivalent of about 1500 American Civilians, making it the second largest loss of American civilians on American soil in the history of our country. The odds of this occurring naturally are 365 to 1 or .3 percent. The Mountain Meadows Massacre was the act of the Mormon Danites on orders from the Mormon Church leadership. About 50 Danites participated in the attacks, none would have done it willingly, however, they were taught to obey any order from the church leaders without question.

Mormons dominate FBI and CIA headquarters. In the months leading up to the 911 tragedy the Phoenix and Minneapolis offices of the FBI detected the 911 plot and reported it to FBI headquarters and asked that measures be taken to further investigate the matter. Headquarters refused to even allow them to investigate further. Headquarters failed to connect the two offices or forward the information to the New York Division Counter Terrorism Unit. Shortly before 911 the Special Agent in Charge of the New York Counter Terrorism unit was run out of the FBI by FBI insiders. His name was John O’Neill and is regarded as ‘the man who knew’ what was coming. O’Neill became head of security of the World Trade Center and died in the attack. One FBI Agent from Minneapolis stated that something has to be done before someone flies an aircraft into the World Trade Center. He later called for the criminal prosecution of the headquarters staff who thwarted the investigation. The Agent was an FBI pilot and a former Naval Aviator and also knew.

I made the connection between the Sinaloa Federation, the Mormons, the Israelis, the FBI and politics over a period of about 10 years. I was employed at the Ohio High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area and the Cleveland Joint Terrorism Task Force. During part of that period and had access to a great deal of intelligence data on Terrorism and Drug trafficking and I had earlier experience on the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) which is where I now believe I first unknowingly encountered this group. The informant on the OCDETF investigation died of cancer. The prosecutor on a case involving a prominent attorney who represented the Hells Angels, who were heavily involved in drug trafficking at the time, was killed in a freak plane crash, some of the propeller blades on the turboprop he was flying on separated from the engine and the plane crashed. Sharon, the paralegal who researched the threat assessment for the Ohio HIDTA died of cancer. A history professor from Cleveland State University who was writing a book based on the now classified ‘White Tiger’ report which touched on these matters died of cancer before he finished. An FBI Special Agent in Cleveland and an FBI Analyst in Cleveland working at the same JTTF I was working at died of cancer. They were both focused on the financial aspects of terrorism as I was. The wife of another Special Agent assigned to the JTTF and was working on a financial investigation relating to terrorism died of cancer. It became such a distraction to the Agent that the case was reassigned and closed. When I was developing an investigation on the matter I was diagnosed with lymphoma and thyroid cancer, having two different cancers at one time is highly unusual, I survived but was eventually run of the government. Cancer is induced every day in cancer research centers around the world. Medical science knows more about causing cancer than curing it.

 Since I began publishing this information I was threatened with retaliation if I did not stop. My Federal Pension was recalculated reducing it by approximately 1/3 retroactively to January 1, 2009 (I have to repay the difference), my Federal health insurance has been canceled leaving me with no health care coverage.   My home has been broken into and my computers damaged including destroying my database of Fax numbers I use to send this information.




It is as corrupt as the U.S. Senate wants it to be.  The FBI must perform special duties for the Senate in addition to its legitimate functions.  Sometimes Senators overseeing its operations use it to hide their own questionable activities. For example unidentified subject Senator 1  and Senator 2  are abusing their positions on the Senate Judicial Committee and Senate Finance Committee to conceal their involvement in using the proceeds of opium and heroin trafficking from Afghanistan to supplement their campaign funds and the campaign funds of their friends.  Using the FBI to harass and intimidate anyone who threatens to expose it.  As Drug kingpins they may be subject to capital punishment if they are ever brought to justice.  They would do anything to protect themselves.

In the 1960s The FBI monitored and harassed Dr. Martin Luther King because of his opposition to the Vietnam War.  After his ‘I have a dream speech’ they labeled him ‘the most dangerous Negro in America’.  Later the FBI overtly attempted to drive him to suicide by spreading questionable or false allegations about his personal conduct and sending him a letter urging him to commit suicide.  At the FBI it is called ‘dirtying him up’ by spreading false rumors about the target of the harassment.  It is a commonly used tactic and is patently illegal as is any deliberate libel or slander.  Robert Kennedy was Attorney General at the time and it is highly unlikely that he would have instigated or condoned such activity by the FBI.  That leaves the US Senate as the likely culprit.  No one at the FBI would do it on his or her own initiative. 

More recently the FBI deliberately drove Bruce Edwards Ivins to suicide.  Ivins was a suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks because as a government scientist he had access to anthrax.  FBI tactics included confronting Ivins and his daughter in public, telling his daughter that Ivins was a murderer and that he would soon be indicted.  These actions were taken because the FBI did not have a sustainable case against Ivins but needed to close the Anthrax case.  Veteran prosecutors who reviewed the evidence against Ivins opinions ranged from they did not have a presentable case to ‘I don’t think he even did it’.  The Senate wanted the case closed at any cost and Ivins paid it.  The previous target of the investigation, Steven J. Hatfill, won a $5.8 million dollar settlement against the FBI over their harassment of him.

The most noted corrupt FBI employees of recent years include the following:

 John Connolly – Was convicted of murder in 2008 and racketeering while employed by the FBI.

Roy DeVecchio – Was indicted in 2007 for taking bribes from a New York gangster and participating in murders.  Prosecutors had to drop the case after a key witness changed her testimony, a common problem in organized crime cases.  The FBI had previously accused New York City Detective Joseph Simone of DeVecchio’s crimes.  Simone was tried and acquitted (all 12 juror decided that the FBI was lying) yet still lost his police pension based on false FBI testimony.

Hardrick Crawford (an FBI Executive) – Was convicted of lying about the ‘gifts’ he received from a Mexican narcotics kingpin in 2006.  The ‘gifts’ included Las Vegas vacations, Country Club Membership and a $5000.00 a month ‘job’ for his wife.

 John H. Conditt Jr. – Pleaded guilty to molesting a 6-year-old girl in 2003.  Conditt was the ‘chief internal watchdog’ at the FBI, head of the Internal Affairs Unit at the FBI from 1999 through 2001 and admitted to being a life long child molester.



The U.S. Senate has a long tradition or corruption including treason and murder but most often its corrupt activities revolve around money.  Senators are under a great deal of pressure to raise large sums of money to fund their campaigns.  I discovered reasonable cause to believe that Senator 1 was using the proceeds of opium and heroin trafficking from Afghanistan to supplement his campaign funds and the campaign funds of his friends.

Former Senator George Voinovich of Ohio, a Republican, appears to be abusing his position to cause a rampage against Democrat politicians in greater Cleveland by the FBI, IRS and the US Attorney’s office.  Voinovich rose to the Senate on the backs of hundreds of Cleveland families who were victims of the American National Bank scandal in the late 1980’s.  Voinovich has the wife of Chris Stickan, who is the Unit Chief of the Economic Crimes Unit at the United States Attorney’s office in Cleveland, Ohio, on his payroll.  The FBI also used the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) to harass a local Democrat politician who later pleaded guilt to having ‘obscene material’ on his computer.   I reviewed the case when I was assigned to the JTTF.  It was obviously a case of an ex-wife trying to get revenge.  I suspect the ‘obscene material’ was planted on the computer or he was protecting a family member.

Senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.  His business dealings continued until his company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act.  The evidence also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator's actions should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy, also known as treason.  He was never prosecuted.  Over 60 million people were killed in the resulting World War.

Senator Jefferson Davis led the southern confederacy during the Civil War as President of the Confederate States from February 18, 1861 to May 5, 1865 when the war ended.  Davis was indicted for treason a year later but the prosecution dropped the case in February 1869.  Approximately 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War.  Davis died in 1889 and was never convicted of a crime.

Senator Aaron Burr, murdered Alexander Hamilton on July 11, 1804 in a dual.  Burr was later charged with multiple crimes, including murder, in New York and New Jersey, but was never tried in either jurisdiction.  In 1807, on a charge of treason, Burr was brought to trial before the United States Circuit Court at Richmond, Virginia and was acquitted. Burr was never made to pay for his crimes.





Erik Prince is the Heinrich Himmler of America. Prince owns and operates Blackwater (Xe), a private mercenary army. Prince owns several congressmen and US Senators as well. He profited greatly from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a known murderer of his opponents yet continues to operate openly and freely.

Two former employees accused Erik Prince, of wanting to start a religious crusade against Muslims. In an affidavit lodged with a court in Virginia, one of the witnesses said that Mr Prince "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe”. Prince has been accused of trying to cover up Blackwater's misdeeds, which allegedly include profiteering and arms smuggling, by killing employees who tried to blow the whistle on the company.

Prince's father, Edgar D. Prince, founded the family business in 1965 with a die-cast shop called Prince Machine Corporation, an automobile parts company. On March 2, 1995, Edgar Prince conveniently died of a heart attack at age 63 and Erik assumed control of daily operations of the company.  Erik Prince sold his fathers business, Prince Group, for $1.35 billion in 1996. In 1997 Prince formed Blackwater (Xe).

While Erik Prince's wife was conveniently dying of cancer in 2003, he was having an affair with one of his employees. She became pregnant, and he eventually brought her to his wife's funeral. The day after his wife died, she moved in with him and his daughter and son, and they eventually married. Apparently, he did not have a prenuptial agreement with his first wife. In 2010 Prince and his family moved to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emerites, running away from an investigation of Blackwater (Xe) involving money laundering and murder.

PRINCE is a rich THUG who represents the beginning of the end of our country as we know it. If we do not stop PRINCE and his “associates” America is likely to evolve into a THUGOCRACY, and a second rate world power. China will be the big winner, your children and grand children will be the big losers.




I have reviewed tens of thousands of documents including unredacted classified documents.  I have found no evidence to support the theory that there was a government conspiracy to allow the 9/11 attacks to happen.  Instead I have come to the conclusion that individuals in and out of government acted in concert to allow the attacks to happen.  One of them is currently a U.S. Senator.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Department were corrupted by these individuals.   Other agencies were corrupted to cover-up the truth about 9/11 (DEA and IRS among them).   The 911 attacks were an attempted coup which failed.  Vice President Richard B Cheney was one of the many heroes who stopped it.  

The Sinaloa Federation, also known as the Sinaloa Cartel was the driving force behind the 911 attacks.  The Sinaloa Federation is the largest illegal narcotics trafficking organization in the world, making hundreds of billions of dollars in profit each year.  The Taliban had cut off their source of opium/heroin out of Afghanistan, and Iran was cutting off their smugging routes across Iran.  Their goal was a takeover of the American Government, elimination of the Taliban and a war with Iran.  They have the same concerns today.  The Sinaloa Federation is an alliance of several narcotics cartels.  The primary factions being the Israeli, Lebanese and American.  They have infiltrated the US Senate but do not control it yet.  They have infiltrated the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the IRS at the upper management level.  They have control of several Regional Banks and Investment Banking firms.  The American faction is led by an extremist Mormon sect once called the Danites (as in the Book of Daniel) or the Avenging Angels.  September 11 is a sacred day for the Danites, the date of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  Danites are told that they will be gods themselves upon their death and that they will have an entire planet to populate.

The coup failed and the War with Iran has not happened but they have not given up. The Federation is heavily involved in campaign finance. A candidate with unrealistic funding is highly suspect as a Sinaloa Federation candidate. It is not over, there is still an active effort to make it work.  It is up to you, the American voting public, to stop it.





The most corrupt area of our country, Washington DC, has much to hide and needs to maintain control of the political process to keep it hidden. The long standing Washington establishment has degraded the welfare of the general public over the past 10 years. Washington DC's surveillance of the general public has grown dramatically. The National Security Agency (NSA) now records everything you transmit electronically, everything you read, everything you look at on the Internet, everything you say on a telephone and everything you watch on your television including anything you play on a television such as home movies.

The NSA is currently building a multi Billion dollar facility in Salt Lake City. The facility will store every act of your life, anything transmitted by electronic means, including the close circuit television cameras at your local Walmart, Shopping Mall, Bank, Convenience Store and everything in between. It will record your television viewing habits including person videos if you are using cable service or satellite service. The NSA is already using Subliminal Stimuli to effect your voting habits and your view of the world in general. The NSA has managed the outcome of elections by changing vote counts electronically. The NSA shares the information it collects with other countries.  It will give the Sinaloa Federation leverage with anyone who threatens to expose them.

Banks are required to inform on you to Washington DC for potentially every bank transaction you make regardless of whether it is a perfectly legal transaction or not.  It is mandated in the Bank Secrecy act.  Libraries are required to record and report on the books you choose to read to Washington DC.  Book sellers also have report on your purchases to the Washington DC.  An independent Presidential candidate cannot win an election for President regardless of the vote count and it is next to impossible for a third party to challenge the major political parties because of how Washington DC has structured the electoral process.

Washington DC believes that it has the right to drug you, plant false evidence against you, intimidate your spouse, children and friends and turn them into informants against you. Washington DC believes it can steal your property and assets and set you up for criminal prosecution. Washington DC has engaged this country in continuous war for their own profit and power sacrificing you, your children, your spouse, your friends, your parents or anyone who they choose in their lust for power and money.

Washington DC has buried you, your children, and grandchildren in foolish debt with nothing to show for it other than concentrating our national wealth in an out of touch 1%. Washington DC believes it can assassinate your character and end your life as they choose or the character and life of anyone you care about for money and power. Washington DC has made it shameful to be and American in the eyes of much of the world all for the lust for money and power.

Richard Nixon was run out of the Office of the President by a Mormon.  Nixon's war on drugs were Mark Felt's motive for his campaign of half truths and lies.  Felt was 'deapthroat', second in command at the FBI and a Mormon.  The Watergate burglary was staged to embarrass Nixon.  Others  in the White House and on Nixon's election committee made sure the maximum amount of damage was done to Nixon by the event.  They did so under orders from the President of the Mormon Faith who is also the leader of the Danites/Avenging Angels.